Cody’s Cause

Local Boy Helps Organize Toy Drives

Cody Struble is an eight-year-old boy with a heart of gold. By the time he was five years old, Struble had three surgeries to correct a skull condition. The trips he spent in the emergency room sparked an idea for Cody. On his way home from his last surgery, Cody told his mother, Sonia Ericksen, that he wanted to do something so patients received presents on Christmas Day.

“I had thought he went to sleep, which he did not; he was thinking all the way home.  As we got closer to our house, he yelled: “We are doing a toy drive!” Sonia explained.

The next day, his mother got to work. She began to make flyers for Cody’s Toy Drive. Sonia received the permission from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and started with a drop-off at our church.

All their hard work paid off. In 2016, their first year, they collected 518 toys.  By 2017, they doubled their donation to 1,176 toys. This year, their goal is 1,500 toys.

When she was asked how they plan to reach this goal, Sonia said: “We are putting flyers out, people are donating, word of mouth, Cody’s Cub Scout Troop, Racine County Sheriff and of course, Wisconsin Kenworth. The majority of this is by mouth. People who have donated in the previous years are donating again.” The toys that Cody’s Toy Drive receives will be delivered to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Kenworth and their parent company, CSM Companies, are proud to assist Cody in reaching his goal. This year, CSM Companies will be donating $1,000 to Cody’s cause and Wisconsin Kenworth’s Milwaukee location will be used as a drop-off spot for toys. Employees of both companies are encouraged to help out as they can.

Jon Prahl, Milwaukee’s Part Manager, was the one who brought this cause to CSM’s attention.

“The last company I worked for contributed to this cause for the last 2 years and that’s why I proposed it to the management crew in Milwaukee. It’s a cause that’s close to my heart because all of my sons (3) have been in Children’s (Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin) and one of them has had 12 surgeries to fix his cleft lip and pallet.”

If you’d like to help Cody, please reach out to Sonia Ericksen at codystoydrive@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that toys must be new, in original packaging, and at least 18 inches long. Good examples of toys include Matchbox Cars, board games, card games, Barbie Dolls, Lego kits, DVD’s and gift cards. Nothing from the Dollar Store, please.

CSM Companies, their subsidiaries, and their employees are proud to be active members of their communities. Through events like Crazy Legs, Bowling for Kids’ Sake, and community mentoring, the CSM Family is helping make a difference in their communities.

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