It’s already happening. In towns big and small, as the DOT gears up for a massive commercial vehicle brake enforcement effort at the end of August, drivers are being stopped and inspected at random.

Often referred to as the brake check, the CVSA’s Brake Safety Week puts tens of thousands of trucks and their drivers in the microscope on a litany of finable equipment and driving regulations.

On July 28, 65 vehicles in the small town of York, Nebraska were pulled over and checked. Only 34 lucky vehicles made it out unscathed. Some were ruled non-movable, meaning they had to get a tow just to get to the repair shop.

According to Nebraska State Highway Patrol, troopers in York discovered 196 violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and state law. A whopping 33 vehicles or trailers were taken out of service (not allowed to return to the road). Vehicles are placed out of service for a variety of reasons relating to safety. It’s typically braking systems that put vehicles at the most risk.

That said, troopers also placed five drivers out of service for non-equipment factors.

Two days later, the random inspection effort moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where another 32 inspections took 21 vehicles out of service.

Brake week is August 23-29, but the time to prep is now. Avoid costly out of service time and repairs while saving money. Schedule an inspection today, before it’s too late.


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