Starting with the button-tuck interior as the centerpiece of the Rawhide Edition, the Mack Titan cab features a luxurious work environment. From its smart-designed, wraparound dash to pedals mounted in-line and suspended above the cab floor, the whole Titan interior is built for the driver so there’s no stretching and less fatigue during operation. And thanks to its imposing stature, Titan provides drivers an elevated seat position for improved visibility of the world around them.


Under its long-nose hood, Titan by Mack features a standard 16-liter MP10 engine that packs up to 605 horses. This bold addition to the proven Mack MP™ Engine Series boasts a best-in-class torque rating of 2,060 ft.-lbs. at 1,200 RPMs. Titan shines in special-permit, heavy-haul assignments as it delivers the spine-tingling power and eye-popping performance needed to tackle the toughest jobs on the planet.

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