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Kenworth and Premier Leasing have teamed up to provide you with the very best in Full Service Leasing options.

From single truck leases to entire fleets we take pride in helping you find and secure the best leasing solution for your needs.


Leasing doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or time consuming decision. We’ll work with you to determine not only which leasing option is best for you and your business, but how it stacks up against buying and other financing options you may be considering. Our unique a side-by-side comparison of leasing versus buying cuts through the clutter and confusion and helps you decides if leasing is right for your needs. We use a consultative approach to understanding your business and customers requirements, then provide an effective solution.

Ask about our Lease VS Ownership consultation to see if you can benefit from a Full Service Lease solution.

Here are just a few of the many advantages you can expect to gain from leasing your next truck from Kenworth and Premier PacLease:

  • Custom spec’d truck tailored to your specific needs.
  • Allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Preserve your capital for growth or other business needs.
  • Avoid unexpected expense and time involved in maintaining trucks.
  • Gain tax advantages.
  • Stay current with the ever-changing regulations affecting transportation and the environment.
  • 7 day, 24 hour local and nationwide breakdown support.


Sometimes it makes business sense to turn over truck operation to the experts. Premier Leasing will spec out the right truck, provide a FSL (Operating Lease) finance solution, full maintenance, and license / fuel tax reporting to increase your fleet’s efficiency. By helping you analyze all aspects of a lease, from licensing costs to payment schedules and residual value, we can show you how a Full Service Lease will benefit your business. Being a Paclease Affiliate, we can offer you a nationwide chain of support on leasing products as well as many other benefits.


A Full Service Lease can free you from the administration of truck operation, allowing you to focus on your primary business objectives. A Full Service Lease allows you to:

  • Invest time and money in your primary business.
  • Provide your drivers with top quality, late model equipment Kenworth trucks.
  • Budgeting and transportation cost is more accurate.
  • Maximize vehicle up-time with regular preventative maintenance.
  • Fuel programs – Take advantage of savings through our Nationwide Partners.
  • Parts/Service/Tire pricing discounts.

In addition to these benefits our affiliation with PacLease Truck Rental provides access to a nationwide network for all trucks in your fleet.


Our Full Service Lease is designed to provide trucks that look and feel like your own, while operating at maximum efficiency with the least possible effort from you. The following list of available services will help you meet those needs:

  • Competitive lease financing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Truck licensing
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Driver safety programs
  • Substitute vehicles
  • Customized trucks
  • Truck washing
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Tire program
  • Fueling services
  • Permitting and oversize weight permitting

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