Dump Trucks For Sale

Dump Trucks for Sale at CSM Truck

CSM has numerous dump trucks for sale in many states and configurations. In other words, you can shop new and used Dump Trucks from Michigan Kenworth, Wisconsin Kenworth, Sahling Kenworth, or French Ellison Truck Center in one convenient place – right here.

Home builders and road builders need dump trucks for hauling material over the road and around their job site locations. These heavy haulers are typically built at the factory as a cab and chassis. As a result, after an initial pre-delivery inspection (PDI), the built chassis is sent to a body builder where it is transformed into a dump truck.

After that, the dump truck returns to the dealer for another PDI that includes vehicle alignment. This ensures maximum dump truck safety and reliability. It’s not just dump trucks for sale at CSM, it’s about providing a customer with a tool they can depend on.

Buying used dump trucks

When considering purchasing a used dump truck that’s for sale, it’s important to weigh the costs and options available. Competitive financing allows new dump trucks to be more in-reach than most would expect, but if one is looking to get into their first or second dump truck, buying used is likely the way to go.

Consider wear and tear that’s visible but be sure to get a thorough inspection. Buying from a dealer like CSM, you can count on a detailed and comprehensive used truck inspection and a reasonable expectation for reliability as promised in the sales process. Each dump truck is its own beast, so consider each one separately.

Dump Trucks come in many axle configurations. Each state has it’s own laws and limits regarding axles. Typically, the amount of axles is dictated by a weight allowance in total and per axle. Browse Heavy Duty Dump Trucks and Medium Duty Dump Trucks from top manufacturers, especially Mack Trucks and Kenworth.

Quad axle dump trucks for sale

Popular in Wisconsin and Michigan, the quad axle dump truck is a staple of midwestern job sites. With a typical payload of 22 cubic yards, the quad axle dump truck is quite the earth mover. Additionally, when it comes to quad axle dump trucks, an asphalt tail is usually recommended. Moreover, having an asphalt tail opens up more work opportunities.