August is brake month at CSM Companies. All CSM Truck locations are taking part in product features, deep discounts on brake parts and services, and more to be announced later in the month of August.

The occasion is set into motion by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week that emphasizes the condition of braking systems for all commercial vehicles they come across.

The brake check is coming near the end of August. The DOT will be out in force, busting drivers for brake system violations. Last year, the CVSA’s activity during their Brake Safety Week netted them over 46,000 citations and over 87,000 written warnings. They do not mess around.

CSM is doubling down. Three major brake repair or inspection services are significantly reduced. Countless brake parts are on sale. The company is doing anything they can to help move drivers safety through inspection points — for less!

Be prepared for the brake check.