Trucks for Sale in the Detroit Metro Area

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Michigan Kenworth covers all of Michigan. Consequently, the company covers all of Detroit.

Like bookends, Michigan Kenworth serves Detroit from the outside in via Dearborn and Clinton Township.

Trucks, parts, and truck service in Dearborn, Michigan

In the shadows of a famous Ford auto plant, Michigan Kenworth – Dearborn sits adjacent to many industry hubs. For example, CSX Transportation’s Dearborn rail yard runs along the back side of the dealership. Additionally, the major commerce artery of Wyoming Ave runs past the location’s front door.

Dearborn has convenient access to Detroit via many major roads. Interstates 75, 76, and 94 are all easily accessed from Wyoming Avenue in Dearborn.

Small town values, big town proximity

Clinton Township is a community nestled into the northeast suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, with roughly 100,000 residents, the township comes with an all-American small-town charm.

The township is conveniently located between both major Michigan bridges to Canada. Windsor is accessed via Detroit, Michigan to the south, and Point Edward is accessed via Port Huron, Michigan to the north. Most importantly, Interstate 94 and Interstate 75 interchange within the township’s borders.