Building the massive Kenworth 963 is quite the undertaking. The 963 is a beast, built for the toughest of off-road heavy-duty trucking applications.

Not a typical highway warrior Kenworth, the 963 family of trucks is ideally suited for the toughest of jobs the earth has to offer. Things like steep grades and demanding terrain with extreme payloads come to one’s mind when thinking about a typical day for this Kenworth truck. The 963’s are equipped with planetary reduction axles, which deliver outstanding performance while navigating difficult terrain.

The 963 is “bay built,” meaning it’s engineered and built from the ground up in a stationary bay. No assembly line for these beasts!

The above video shows some of the build out and how the units leave the factory. They tend to work where work is most difficult, no matter where on earth that is. They get trucked to Texas oil fields or they’ll ride a slow boat to the other side of the world to help mine for vital minerals. The trucks come standard with 2 cup holders, however, coffee cups with lids are sold seperately.

For any job, there’s always a Kenworth to get it done.

An engineering masterpiece, the Kenworth 963 features a special single row sand tire configuration on the rear to provide additional floatation. Talk about super singles!

The Kenworth 963 has an incredible payload potential. With stacked frame rails and 90,000 LBS rear axles, this truck can do some serious heavy hauling.

For more on the Kenworth 963, please visit Kenworth’s website page dedicated to the truck, look at our other product information pages, or better yet, ask one of our seasoned truck specialists.

Kenworth trucks are known as the World’s Best because they are in demand the world over. That demand is based on the highest grade of engineering and the highest quality manufacturing in the medium and heavy duty truck world.