The Mack® Granite® represents a milestone in vocational truck engineering. From its stronger frame specially designed for the harsh work of the jobsite to its powerful and fuel efficient MP™ engine, this truck delivers all the muscle you need. And with a cab that delivers unmatched comfort, the Mack Granite makes life easy behind the wheel to help you boost profits.


The Mack Granite comes in two configurations — axle forward or axle back — but either way these trucks are amazing feats of engineering equipped with a number of features to help you work productively. And this newest lineup of Mack trucks more than lives up to the company’s reputation for building durable trucks you can rely on. In short, today’s Mack Granite is still Built Like A Mack Truck® with a pride of craftsmanship unmatched in the trucking industry.


AERODYNAMIC DESIGN: The Mack Bulldog® sits low on Granite’s sloped hood providing improved aerodynamics on the road and excellent visibility on the jobsite. And the larger radiator opening provides better cooling with less fan engagement.

DURABLE HEADLIGHTS: The LEXAN® headlight covers are impact resistant to handle the punishment of rocky jobsites and offer easy accessibility for replacing bulbs without a single tool.

THREE-PIECE BUMPER: Granite has a three-piece stylized front bumper that makes replacement easy and economical.

SPLASH SHIELDS: Hood splash shields keep the compartment clean extending component life, and they lift with the hood to create more room for technicians to work.

GALVANIZED STEEL CAB: Granite’s durable galvanized steel cab is mounted on airbags and shocks and stabilized with sway bars, so while the truck soaks up the rough stuff, the driver stays comfortable, rested and productive.

RUBBER-SEALED WINDSHIELD: A two-piece windshield is isolated in a rubber seal, which puts less stress on the windshield and makes it easier to replace.

COLLAPSIBLE MIRRORS: Collapsible mirrors fold in to eliminate door sheet metal damage in tight jobsite conditions. Heated, lighted and motorized mirrors are available.

EASY CAB ENTRY: Sculpted self-cleaning steps and a full-size grab bar provide an extra measure of safety getting in and out of the cab.