Introduced to the public in 2012, the T680 has been a game changer for Kenworth. After years of development and road-proven quality, the truck model is reaching a 10-year milestone. Furthermore, the Kenworth design and engineering DNA that underwrites all of Kenworth’s legendary truck models reaches back over a century. 

The T680 is known for its aggressive aerodynamic design, luxurious elements, overall craftsmanship, and intuitive control. For those reasons, it’s the most evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor of its time. The standard T680 is equipped with fuel-efficient PACCAR Powertrain (MX engine, PACCAR transmission, and PACCAR axles)Additionally, the T680 comes with the Kenworth Idle Management System, which is engineered to eliminate the need to run the truck for off duty temperature control.  

With TruckTech+ technology, the T680 tech features real time reporting to help drivers achieve maximum fuel efficiency. Even more, the Kenworth brand is known for interior/exterior luxury, craftsmanship, reliability, and driver satisfaction. 

Designing the Kenworth T680 

“Involving manufacturing personnel in the T680 design process enabled Kenworth to deliver a new truck that takes into consideration, within the assembly process, all of the little things that make the T680 so unique, said Scott Blue, plant manager at Kenworth’s Chillicothe, Ohio production facility.  

And by leveraging advanced technology, we’ve been able to greatly enhance the T680’s quality while further enhancing the efficiency of our manufacturing process.”  

Manufacturing and design engineers worked closely together during product development of the Kenworth T680Consequently, their interaction allowed both engineering departments to learn from each other and position the Kenworth T680 as the best line-haul truck on the road 

“Based on customer wants and our professional experience, we compiled a list of components and features that the truck should have” said Robert Culwell, Kenworth’s division manager of manufacturing engineering. 

Working together with the design engineers, we determined how manufacturing could contribute to build a world class truck.  

Making a strong first impression 

One example of the enhanced engineering and design in the T680 are its doorsThey are the first thing a driver interacts with and known for being larger and easier to use when compared to competitors. Kenworth engineers applied advanced three-dimensional computer imaging in order to design a door frame and door that closes tightly.  

Drivers will notice more consistency and precision when closing their doors in the T680. These doors allow for a more tight-fitting cab which makes for a comfortable and quieter work environment for those who drive it.  

Another example of the impressive engineering built into the T680 is the Kenworth truck windshield. Design engineers were asked to replace the current windshield with one that is leak free, has a 27-degree rake angle for improved aerodynamics, while using a stronger and more thinker glass. As a result, the Kenworth T680 windshield takes about a quarter of the time to replace compared to other truck makes 

The T680 is the most advanced aerodynamic truck ever produced by Kenworth.  

T680 Design features 

  • Front air dams 
  • 19” side extenders and chassis fairing extenders 
  • Rear sleeper fairing design and exhaust cut out covers 
  • Optional front wheel well closeouts 
  • Optional aerodynamic enhancements: wheel covers, tandem fairings 

Fuel Saving Intelligence 

  • Predictive cruise control 
  • Predictive neutral cost 
  • Drivers rewards 
  • Driver shift aid 
  • Driver performance assistant 
  • Engine idle shutdown 
  • Tire pressure monitoring system 

Kenworth Idle Management system 

  • No-idle sleeper air conditioning system 
  • Optional fuel fired heater 
  • Optional auto start/stop system 

PACCAR Engines 

  • 13 liter and 11 liter displacements available to meet all applications 
  • High efficiency performance for optimized fuel economy 
  • High pressure common rail fuel system 
  • Compacted graphite iron (CGI) for improved strength and reduced weight 

PACCAR Transmission 

  • 12 speed automated 
  • Fully integrated with PACCAR engines 
  • Intelligent shifting for superior drivability 
  • Lightweight design 


  • Lightweight design 
  • High efficiency 6×4 drive axles to improve fuel economy  

The T680 Driver’s Studio 

The T680 includes an optional “Driver’s Studio” package. With this option, the T680 creates a driver friendly atmosphere that serves as a home away from home. It’s a difference maker for drivers who spend long durations on the road. 

180-degree swivel-seat 

The 180-degree swivel seat on the passenger’s side of the cabin spins to meet a swing-out table desk set up. As a result, the cabin transforms into a productivity center to fill out paperwork, eat a meal, or perform any other desk/table friendly application. 

LED lighting 

LED lighting provides ample interior light throughout the sleeper without producing a lot of unnecessary heat or battery drain.  

Swivel TV 

The Driver’s studio also includes a swivel TV mount ideal for flat screen TV’s up to 28”, premium audio package with 320-watt amp, 10-inch subwoofer and 8 speakers. Also optional is the EpicVue pre-wire for satellite TV.  


Most importantly, there’s a space to keep fresh food. Drivers love having a decent meal at their fingertips. Additionally, the large capacity drawer style fridge/freezer is mounted at mid-level of the bunk for maximum convenience.  

Space for amenities  

The 1800-watt inverter includes up to four standard 120-volt outlets to power a microwave, DVD/Blue Ray player, gaming consoles, laptops and other electronic devices the driver may desire. 

Ample storage space 

Also included is an abundance of storage space, with a full-size wardrobe for hanging clothes, multiple drawers and cabinets, and a large storage space under the lower bunk as well.  

Sleeper Control Panel 

The sleeper control panel is convenient because it helps the driver control many amenities of the truck such as entertainment, sleeper environment, interior lighting, and more.

available 56 trucks