Turning Heads – Year one of the Kenworth W990 is in the books.

Turning heads, and turning skeptics into believers, so goes the early story of the W990. The truck’s first year on the road is in the books. When it debuted, many proclaimed the 990 as their new favorite truck. Other curious onlookers proved less interested in trading in a decade’s long love for their W900, but many of them wound up becoming big 990 fans anyway.

As they continue to roll off the assembly line in Chillicothe, Ohio, the more stubborn of critics is coming around to soften their words towards the truck. “It’s growing on people who once said some skeptical things about the truck,” said one CSM sales professional, “as they get up close or behind the wheel, they start to realize the comfort and quality are as you’d expect with any Kenworth, but with the added benefit of more space and practicality in the driver’s living quarters.“

For most, it was love at first sight. The truck features a tall hood. It comes with above average chrome options and optional button tuck interior. On top of that, the powerful engine options of the W990 are a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s a head turner,” remarked one onlooker at the W990 launch event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but that may not be enough.

The W990 is a posterchild for the mantra of pictures not doing justice. The feeling in the driver’s seat is really what sets this truck apart. The truck’s engineering is centered around the driver. It’s the right kind of quiet on the inside, but still has a growl to it and makes its presence immediately known.

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According to Kenworth, the W990 is “Presence, power, and personal style wrapped in a world-class design that redefines the long hood conventional.”

It’s a rewarding truck that’s been built for the best of the best, by The World’s Best maker of class eight trucks. Pride and dedication are themes that hit home for the truck’s developers. They set out to make a truck for the professional driver, and from all accounts they succeeded.

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