men gather around an old Ford Model AThroughout the summer, CSM Companies has supported Taking Autism to the Sky through donated time and donated vehicles.

Taking Autism to the Sky (TATTS) is a volunteer-run program designed to provide a new way to look at the world for kids on the Autism spectrum. The critical aspect of the program – and its name – is the flying of drones. Drones, equipped with cameras, provide a fun way to reshape participants’ point of view and feeling about the world where they live. It also teaches the program’s participants an in-demand skillset, creating a potential for a lucrative career path.

In keeping with the alternate view of the world philosophy, TATTS developed an augmented reality sandbox where kids can shape a world of their own. The sandbox works by projecting a topographic map over the sandbox surface. A simulation system works with the mapped terrain to depict the given landscape’s vegetation and where water – or lava – will pool. The water or lava is activated with a hand motion.

In reality, words do no justice, so check out this video to see the sandbox in its full glory:

The sandbox works wonders as part of the TATTS program. There’s a catch, though. It works best indoors, but drones and indoors often leads to trouble. So, to have their cake and eat it too, TATTS has been bringing their sandbox to the field and getting it set up in a free rental truck from CSM’s Premier Leasing and Rental.

Premier’s General Manager, Jeff Pitcel didn’t hesitate to offer the truck. “When it comes to a program like TATTS, really, it’s a no-brainer,” Pitcel remarked. “We’re pleased to help such a cool cause.”


CSM also contributed funds for the group’s 2018 t-shirts.


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