Kenworth T880 Trucks for Sale

CSM’s extensive new and used inventory of Kenworth T880 trucks for sale is spread out across four states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and Nebraska.

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Kenworth T880 Trucks for Sale

Kenworth put together this complete video overview of the T880. As you’ll see, the T880 has the strength, stamina and operating economy you need.

Kenworth T880 trucks for sale include a wide variety of configurations and use types. In other words, from the longest haul, to the heaviest of the heavy, the Kenworth T880 has a truck specification to get the job done.

T880 Configurations

The T880 has a lot of options to pick from, however, this affords the customer to optimize their truck for the work they know best.

Day Cab/Chassis

Kenworth offers a go-to day cab in the form of the T880. In addition, the model is loaded up with all kinds of technology features that help businesses get the most bang for their buck.

The Kenworth T880 is taking over the vocational truck market. With an extensive list of chassis capabilities, many customers are calling on Kenworth to move materials and equipment to, from, and around the job site.

Twin Steer Axle

Available as a day cab, the new twin steer axles have set-back front axles which are great for crane, mixer, or other on the job duties that require 86-inch axle spacing to meet local bridge laws.

Additionally, the twin steers provide 40,000 pound-rated front axles, spring and steering gears. Further, in order to enhance greater driver comfortability and payload distribution, Kenworth equalized the front suspension between the front and rear steer axles.


When it comes to sleepers, there are three factory-built options to choose from: 40” flat top, 52” mid roof, and 76” mid roof sleepers.

The T880 also comes in a set forward design. In short, the set forward axle design helps with axle laws.

In conclusion, The T880 is up to the task and ready for the job. From the firewall back, the truck is of similar build to the T680 and W990. It shares many parts, streamlining the supply chain for customers with various configurations in their fleet.