YORK, NEBRASKA – During an aptly held service bay ceremony, Sahling Kenworth honored their first ever Master Technician – Josh Beversdorf.

“Sahling Kenworth in York has a Kenworth Master Technician,” proclaimed York General Manager Jason Rasmussen. “Josh Beversdorf completed his final training class on October 19th, 2018. Thank-you to everyone who was able to be present and show your support (for the ceremony honoring Josh).

“Josh is a great example of what hard work and dedication can get you. He is the 130th Kenworth Master Tech in all of Kenworth, second in CSM, and is the very first one in the state of Nebraska!”

The award was presented by Mike Clark, President of CSM Truck. Mike remarked on the importance of the achievement and how proud he was of Josh for being the second CSM employee to reach the mark: “A Master Technician is the highest level of training and capability recognized by Kenworth. It takes a combination of ability, capability and desire to attain this certification.”

To be a Kenworth Master Technician, one must complete a rigorous program of ongoing training and professional development activities to build their skill and knowledge. The focus of the program is an excellence in truck fundamentals and detailed knowledge in the following areas: electronics systems, engines, transmissions, and fuel systems.

The whole CSM Family is thrilled for Josh!