wisconsin kenworth master technician

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – US Representative Mike Gallagher visited Wisconsin Kenworth, a CSM Company, in Green Bay, WI as part of the congressman’s efforts to boost the economy and create jobs in Wisconsin’s 8th District. Rep Gallagher was also on hand for a ceremony honoring Wisconsin Kenworth’s Rich Zirbel, who reached the status of Master Technician – a prestigious honor in the world of heavy-duty trucks.

During his visit, Congressman Gallagher hit on trending political issues but also made a recognized Rich Zirbel for all of his time and effort to accomplish his goal of attaining Master Technician certification. He also thanked all of the former servicemen who now work for Wisconsin Kenworth.

Wisconsin Kenworth Vice President Tim Johnson commented about the event, “Rich Zirbel, a longtime colleague and dedicated employee under his guidance at Wisconsin Kenworth, is dedicated to his craft and sets a great example for all the other technicians throughout the CSM Companies family. It was great to have Congressman Gallagher here to speak about all the important efforts our State is doing to support our people and businesses, including helping us celebrate this milestone in Rich’s career”.

Rich Zirbel has been a member of the CSM Companies family for the better part of 25 years, starting out as a technician on March 23, 1993.

Congressman Gallagher was elected to office for the first time in 2016 and is a member of the Future Caucus, a bi-partisan group targeted at driving political activeness amongst younger demographics. Also in his talk, the Congressman made compelling arguments for co-sponsoring H.R. 2946, a bill that eliminates a costly excise tax hampering truck sales and simplifying the tax code to cut out loopholes that have harmed some in the trucking industry.

About Wisconsin Kenworth

Wisconsin Kenworth, a CSM Company, has six locations that service the state of Wisconsin. CSM Companies is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and employs approximately 950 people in five states. Of note, Wisconsin Kenworth recently won Dealership of the Year honors from Kenworth (2016). It was the second time in four years to win this prestigious award, thanks to their strong & loyal customers and the dedicated employees that serve them.